It’s more important than you think! I am about to begin my Master’s degree in Wildlife Conservation, which I am very excited about… but before I go, I decided I should get some practical conservation experience first, so that I can get a feel […]

  So, I’ve been rather busy lately with dissertation-writing and exam preparation… But to mark this #EndangeredSpeciesDay I thought I’d write a quick post on a couple of recent events and topics that have come to my attention and I’d like to share with you. Earth Optimism A celebration of achievement in our conservation actions […]

  For my final year research project I am studying the social behaviours of the Asian elephant herd at Chester Zoo (yay!). I’d just like to write a post about what I’m getting up to there and what I’ve been seeing so far.  Meet the “Hi-Way” family. Hi-Way is like their surname. There are 3 […]

The first act of its kind in Europe – a white rhino has been shot dead and his horn taken by poachers who broke into a zoo near Paris. I am in total shock. When I heard the news, my thoughts were: “What are we doing to this planet and its animals?” It almost seems obvious to […]

Hello, I’m Rachel. The natural world and its animals has always been a fascination of mine. Combine that with science and the ever-growing need to conserve endangered species… and you have everything that sums up what drives me and my aspirations. I always wanted to be a wildlife vet, but due to ridiculously high tuition fees I can no […]